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Hey everyone, Rob here with a Buy Seo Services. The topic of today’s conversation was inspired by something I recently seen on Up Work. Since Up Work is a freelancing website it should be pretty obvious that this specific person was looking for a freelancer with a SEO background to help them solve the riddle that is their website.

These specific folks actually disclosed their website which is unusual in my experience but it’s really helpful. Now I don’t want to point out anyone else’s flaws. That’s not right and I’m not going to have fun at their expense or make fun of their website. I want to highlight this because it’s probably more common than someone with SEO knowledge would think it is.

Someone in the know sees a website and can quickly tell what’s wrong with it, while people who don’t know look at the same website and scratch their head.

With that in mind I thought I would create a checklist that anyone can follow or at least refer to, to help insure they are making progress on improving their website before asking for help from a freelancer, contractor, SEO consultant or agency.

Depending on the niche you’re trying to rank in, you can simply evaluate the top three search results for your chosen keywords and you can perform an in depth analysis and gain a lot of insight yourself.

It should be noted here that there are not many secrets online with regard to websites. Yes there are ways to hide back links but there is usually enough actionable information freely available to positively impact your website’s organic search engine position.

One of the first places you can look is Google maps. Do your competitors have a Google maps or Google My Business listing? You can simply place your competitors domain name in Google and search, and be able to easily see whether or not they have a Google maps listing, also known as a Google My Business listing. Do you have one?

How about a Bing Places maps listing? I believe all other search engines combined only account for about thirty five percent of internet searches but you don’t want to leave money or opportunity on the table. The best practice is to use all means necessary and available to drive traffic to your website, offer, video or whatever. The more eyeballs you can get on your value proposition the better opportunity you have to make sales. This is not rocket science, just simple math!

How does the content of your website compare in quality and quantity with that of your competitors? How many pages does your website have, how many pages do your high ranking competitors have? How does your website title, meta keywords and meta description measure up to your competitors? Are you using Schema markup, are they using Schema markup or JSON-LD markup? Are you using your most desired keyword phrase between bold or strong html tags?

Is their website secure? Is your website secure? If you are collecting personal information then your website should be secured! Google has announced they will begin displaying a “this website is not secure message” beginning in July 2018 and that unsecured websites may suffer a drop in their organic search listing as a result of not using a secure socket layer certificate or SSL.

Page load speed has become more important than ever and seems to be a pretty big deal with regard to user experience, especially for those using mobile devices. The truth is that attention spans are shorter than ever and you should make sure that your page load speed is good, especially if you’re paying for advertising. I mean, who wants to spend money to get someone to their website that ends up bouncing before the page has even rendered completely? NO one, that’s who!

Google’s definition of mobile friendly does not guarantee your website provides a good user experience for mobile devise users. Their definition only means that your website “renders properly” or at least has specific information within the HTML document head. Therefore you should understand this and really take note because you don’t want to lose potential customers because your website is dysfunctional on a mobile phone.

Outbound links or another great example of correctly optimizing your website for search. For example, you don’t want to link to someone else’s YouTube videos unless that’s part of your strategy. I would encourage you to embed the video or videos on your website. The name of the game is not just getting website visitors but also keeping website visitors, by encouraging them to interact with and stay on your website. You do NOT want to provide an easy exit for your website visitors or make then leave your website to watch a video!

Building Your Audience

Building an audience in my mind refers to employing a Facebook pixel and Google analytics or other forms of capturing website vistor statistics and behaviors. If you have a website that you intend to make money from then you need data and these two tools are going to provide you with that data. In the very least they will provide you with some visitor information to help you better understand who is visiting your website, what pages or content is the strongest and give you some insight as to what can be improved.

Google analytics will also provide you with bounce rate information and other useful user experience metrics that can be used to improve the overall functionality and user experience that is being delivered by your website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is something that everyone should be doing. I don’t care if you run a successful YouTube channel, Instagram page, Facebook Group or Page, or super successful website. An email list provides you full access to your fans, followers, subscribers or customers, without any of the algorithm created obstacles or hoops. Too many people are not taking advantage of this access because they don’t know what to say. Relax, not every email you send out needs to attempt to sell something. Why not just send out an email saying hey, how are you? I hope 2020 is treating you well. We know Easter is just around the corner and just wanted to send our best.

Snail mail postcard campaign

Never under estimate the power of any single marketing avenue. I know mailers and postcards come in by the truckloads but this can be a very powerful strategy to employ around the holidays. Once again, this doesn’t have to be super salesy. Just send a post card wishing your existing customer base or previous customers a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and let them know they are in your thoughts.

It’s really important to remember that there are a lot of pieces involved in a complete marketing plan! One avenue may not drive all the traffic but when you combine these pieces you may just create a traffic jam and a flood of money and sales that will elevate your business to previously unseen heights.

Look for the best search engine optimization services near me no longer! Below you will see a small sample size or snippet of the freelance SEO and website services I have to offer. The truth is that I have years of experience online and am ready, willing and able to deliver you outstanding results!

Looking to Buy SEO Services?

SSL certificate installation

To kick this off I'm offering to install a SSL certificate on your website for the cost $20. I would recommend purchasing a 2 year SSL certificate. Secure socket layer certificates like domain names and website hosting require annual renewals unless you initially purchase multipl years.

Complete Website Set up Service

The next service I'm offering is a full website set up service which includes the following. 1 domain name with privacy protection if applicable to the domain extension. The TLD or domain extensions I'm offering in this package are dot com, dot net, dot org, dot biz, dot info and dot us. Please note traditional domain privacy is not available for dot US domains. 1 year of shared C Panel hosting on a United States IP address, 1 SSL or secure socket layer certificate and 1 WordPress installation for the cost of $85. Please note this item also requires annual renewal.

Basic to Advanced Photo Editing Service

The last service I want to highlight here is my mad Photoshop skills. I can remove the background from your photo, convert color photos to black and white and even create animations for you. I know there are a lot of people who edit photos so I'm offering my basic image editing service (such as background removal) for the ridiculously low price of $5 on a limited time basis just to get some reviews.

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Live Stream Your Video

I am offering to live stream your prerecorded video to YouTube, using your channel or my own. I would need to be given access to your YouTube channel in order to live stream a video to that channel. I offer two variations of this service. One is to only live stream your video. The second option includes live streaming your prerecorded video, creating a custom thumbnail and transcribing the audio from your video to create the video description.

I am offering specials for repeat buyers of the live stream only service. I am offering $5 off each additional live stream purchased, up to 4 live streams. So for example, buy the first one for $30, second one for $25, third one for $20 and the fourth one for $15. The price will reset back to $30 once we get through the first four live streams but at least you will save money along the way.
This is my way of thanking you for your business, getting reviews and hopefully getting some referrals.

5 star reviews

This is just a small sample of what I can offer you. Please note I offer these services to help provide for myself and my daughter. Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you again soon. The prices reflected above may change at any time and without notice.