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Hello everyone and welcome to My name is Rob and I founded this website with the simple idea of highlighting the best businesses near me or in my local area. My local area is quite expansive as I live in a suburb of Phoenix Arizona. The fact that I am in such a large metropolitan city affords me the opportunity to interact, visit and do business with a wide variety of businesses.

Initially I will probably focus on restaurants. You can’t blame a guy for that, everyone likes to eat, right? With that in mind I thought I would spotlight the restaurants here in Phoenix that I like to frequent and create a best near me list. Obviously the word best is very subjective, since what I think tastes good may be too hot or too raw for your palate.

One of the most exciting things for me about starting a website like this is, I am being afforded an opportunity that I have never had before. What I mean by that is typically websites are classified as being about one category. Best near me dot co is going to allow me to focus on many different businesses geographically so I can now explore the new areas I visit with more vigor.

Now when I’m lucky enough to travel I have the added incentive to take notes and document my journey, all in the name of creating a great online resource for those seeking the best “whatever” near them.

As I sit here writing this content I am also thinking this website would be a great place for movie reviews. Since movies are something most of us like and they transcend geographical location then their reviews would be a great addition to this website.

I also want to take the opportunity to invite all of you to nominate your favorite businesses. If you have experienced a business that qualifies as what you would consider the best, please feel free to share it with us via our contact us page.