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Hey everyone Rob here from best near me dot co and today I wanted to do a product review for my Hewlett-Packard Spectre laptop computer.

This post will serve as the beginning of my authentic product reviews. I know there are a lot of product reviews available online and some seem sketchy and possibly sensationalized or unbelievable. Having said that I currently plan on sticking with products I actually own or have used in the past.

I know that some of you may cringe at the idea of me buying a HP laptop computer. The truth is that I was really hesitant and read a lot of reviews on Amazon before making my buying decision. I was contemplating buying a graphics tablet instead of a laptop but decided that buying a laptop was a more practical and useful alternative. After all, you can’t take a graphics tablet on the road with you unless you’re taking your PC with it but you can easily take a laptop computer on the road with you. Score a big win for the laptop!

Once I decided that a laptop was the best decision I start looking at the models that offered a touch screen. A touch screen, maximum computing power (stuff like a large CPU or processor, large amount of RAM and solid state drive) and value for the money were the three biggest factors in my decision.

Remember I had said I was originally looking for a graphics tablet and the touch screen feature on a laptop was going to give me the best of both worlds. I can draw on the touch screen to create vector or raster artwork or animations for that matter but I also have the power of a full blown computer at my fingertips.

my Hewlett Packard Spectre purchase

It should be noted here that I do a lot with graphics and video so I wanted all the computing power I could get. Surprisingly enough my HP Spectre laptop currently has more power than my PC. It’s crazy when you stop and think about how much computing power is packed into these small devices, laptops and phones included.

I also want to note that I bought this computer 2 years ago and it’s appreciated in value. I can’t say that about many things I’ve bought but the HP Spectre is selling for more now than when I bought it.

I know that we all have our own personal preferences and I encourage you to read reviews or go with your gut instinct. However if you’re looking for a laptop that is lightweight and powerful then you should investigate the HP Spectre.

I don’t intend on being just positive in this review. There are things about this computer that I’m not as fond of as I could be but chances are the problems I am going to mention are likely common with most laptops. I can’t say for sure because this is only my second laptop and I was given the first one so I didn’t worry about it.

The can safely say that the microphone on this laptop sucks (sample audio above). There is an easy enough work around to this and is something that should probably be expected for all built in microphones. Just buy an external microphone. My personal choice for an external microphone is a lavalier or lapel microphone. These things are also lightweight and travel easily if you’re planning on taking your show on the road.

The other thing I don’t like about my HP Spectre laptop computer is that it does not have a network cable input on it. All internet connections are wireless. In order to be completely transparent, I knew about this missing feature before I purchased this machine.This is certainly not the most terrible thing but it would be handy to be able to plug a hard network line in.

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Posted by MSI Investments LLC on Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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